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Trao sức khỏe, trao yêu thương

About us


“Do right – Do good

Bearing this philosophy, Green Spa & Wellness was born to fulfil the mission of bringing positive values and goodness to the health of people. This philosophy lives in every service and product we provide, lives in our very calm and relaxing spa house in Danang city, ever nurturing to the body and mind of any citizen or visitor.



With our slogan “Care enough to share wellness” Green Spa & Wellness wishes to give the gift of health to anyone who comes to us.
Besides the “Gift of Health” for every customer, Green Spa & Wellness is proving ourselves via our service that we are the missing piece to the big puzzle of Danang City’s Tourism. Alongside the well-known hospitality, peace and cleanliness of the city, Green Spa & Wellness also invests in modern equipment and dedicated staff members in order to give visitors the best experience while in Danang.


On the other hand, our spa’s routines are the quintessence of many the effective-proven heath healing methods all over the country. From the herbal bath-mix of Red Dao people in the mountainous area, to the traditional acupressure technique of the delta. They “unite” in the city of tourism Danang, and be served to the customers by devoted staff members. All these elements have created a tradition-rich Green Spa & Massage, bringing true values of wellness to every visitors.

Health is an intangible concept, really hard to be used as a gift like clothes, cosmetics, cars, luxury goods normally are. And yet, with Green Spa & Wellness, it is possible.



Located at the golden place, between the vast ever-green hills of Son Tra peninsula – the so-called Green Lungs of the city, and the broad blue sea with year-round breeze, Green Spa & Wellness is surrounded by a green and pure environment, which easily soothes any visiting guest.

Every detail at the spa, from the architecture, decoration to interior items, is carefully chosen and customized and delicately setup in order to create the feeling of harmony between the people and the nature.