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Trao sức khỏe, trao yêu thương

Sauna & Hot bath with Red Dao People's herbs

Sauna & Hot bath with Red Dao People's herbs

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​Hot bath with Red Dao People’s Herbs is one of the essences of traditional medicine in Vietnam.

This is the treatment which usesthe medicinal plants for health and healing. Handed down since ancient times, with 10 to 120 different types of trees have created bathing drugs bring many benefits: combat fatigue, decrease pain, increase activity of the circulatory system, excretory system and digestive…


The therapist will pick you up from the hall to the room.
Change your shoes in the room.
You put the page into the cabinet.
You will be instructed by therapists to change dress.
Performing the service steps:
• Bathing.
• Steam for 20 minutes
• Soak in the herbs with red herbs for 25 minutes.
(You will be given a bell by KTV, when the steps are done, the bell will ring for the therapist outside the room to continue the service)
• The therapist will take you down to the lobby for a light meal.


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